Nasir Usman Shaikh
Club President 2021-22


I am Nasir your President Elect of Rotary Club of Hiranandani Estate for the upcoming year 21-22.

As I begin the year I wish to get to know you and speak about the coming year. 

Although before I call and connect, I wish it polite that I introduce myself by sharing my professional experience that is on LinkedIn 

And also share my social work experience which is  given below.

Do read when you get time.

Now that, that's out of the way.... Hopefully in our call we can speak about you and how you are doing. Let me know if tomorrow suits you.


Social Responsibility

Past: From 1995 till 2015

Nasir believes those trained & have chosen to work in the field of humanities & social sciences should also 
continue their passion for people in distress. This belief led him to do extensive work in people 
engagement on socially relevant projects throughout his professional career. His started back in 1995 by 
volunteering at the Mother Teresa Home in Pune for the old age home. As a HR leader from 1996 he 
started creating special interest groups of responsible employees in IT Industry to join for social causes
they believe in strongly. After the 2001 Gujarat earthquake Nasir joined the relief work while he was in 
New Jersey, USA. In 2004 Nasir led a group of employees to support Aasara, a shelter for abandoned
homeless children in Mumbai. In 2006 he cycled from Mumbai to Pune to collect funds to sponsor a girl’s 
shelter in Mumbai. In 2010 he supported old age home in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In 2014 while in Accra, 
Ghana he had joined the local team in relief work for those affected by floods caused by heavy rains.

Current: 2016 onwards
Since 2016 he has joined Rotary and focussed his contribution towards social & community through 
them. He has also made some significant contribution by taking up complex projects using Corporate 
Social responsibility. 

Some significant CSR projects to mention (Value 15+ Crores)

1. Project executed (2018-2020) for Rupees 80 Lakhs in a Pune slum helped skill & deploy 700+ young
adults. These was in one specific slum in Pune where young adults were trained in their best suited 
vocation. This ensured that the students got gainfully employed instead of being susceptible to crime.
2. Building 31 houses (2019-2020) for the families who suffered in Kerala flood with Rupees 1.75 Crores
Nasir spent time in Kerala several times over 18 months visiting the families and construction in various 
villages with the help of many Kerala Rotary clubs.
3. Executed (2020) with Rotary Club of Bombay in distribution of thousands of PPE and many 
Ventilators worth Rupees 90 Lakhs to government hospitals in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore & Chennai.
4. Organized (2020) 2 portable fully digital X-Ray machines worth rupees 80 lakhs for the COVID ward
at the Tata Memorial Hospital. This ensured the COVID and Cancer patients do not share the common 
facility completely de-risking this issue.
5. Executed (2019-2020) program at Tata Memorial Hospital for free cancer treatment for 276 poor
primary bread winners (less than 3 Lakhs annual income) with a budget spent of Rupees 1 Crore. Another 
project started in April 2021 with a budget of Rupees 1 Crore with an expectation to treat another 250 
patients by end of 2021.
6. Distribution (2020-2021) of hearing aid worth Rupees 60 lakhs and training children to understand
sound & language to start using the hearing aid.
7. Sponsored (2017-18) full engineering degree education for students from the lower income.
8. Sponsorship of a children’s home in Chennai (2016-ongoing)
9. Sponsorship to IIM Madras (2017-2019) to support incubation for 2 start-ups that were working on
Internet of Things (IOT).
10. Sponsorship to NASSCOM (207-2019) to provide computer training to poor students pan India.

Nasir belief that he is exploring in 2021:

1. Nasir is applying his experience in creating special interest groups among Corporates in order to 
consolidate CSR funds for the fight against socially relevant projects. 
Success: Through Corporate,  IFCCI and French Embassy: Oxygen Generators are being distributed to needy Central Government Hospitals.

2. He is promoting the thought with Corporates globally, providing short term sabbaticals to employees,
who can join specific social causes and can work dedicatedly with local NGOs